Post-Yasi birds

March 17, 2011 — May 29, 2011

Birds in our area after 2 February 2011 - when TC Yasi hit

 Barred Cuckoo-shrike arrival

Did Yasi blow them in?

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 Brahminy Kite nesting

The "Beach" brahminy kite pair started to build a new nest in big eucalypt back from the beach - all the big beach trees have lost suitable branches or are fallen.

Watched them try to place sticks - they stopped about 9am (but had probably been working for some time),

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 Brahminy Kite nesting

The platform is started now. Building stopped about 0915 - the pair did some circle-flights together then off for the day.

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 Brahminy kite nesting
The platform is taking shape. Large sticks are carried in their feet, most in bill. Birds are using the creek paperbarks as a source, grabbing at twigs that have not regenerated. Read more.
 Beach Stone-Curlews still here

Walked down to Wongaling Creek mouth and found the resident Beach Stone-curlews still there. On the way back up, two more joined them and they watched people from the edge of the water, calling to each other.

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